I Think I’ve Been a Nudist at Heart All Along, Come to Think of It… (And I Never Realized It ’til Now)

Clothing Optional

nudist revolution movement

Hi friends,

Buck here. This morning I woke up real early because I just started thinking about being a nudist. As you guys probably already know, I “officially” came out as a nudist last November just before my 24th birthday and was raised in a non-nudist family. But come to think of it, I think my love for being naked may actually have roots in the early stages of my life—and I think I’ve been a nudist at heart my entire life, but I never wanted to actually admit it.

While I was thinking about this, I started watching “The Puppy Episode” of Ellen DeGeneres’s 90s sitcom, Ellen, online. Even though I’m not gay, I thought about Ellen talking to her therapist (Oprah Winfrey) after coming out to a fellow lesbian she met, who worked with an old boyfriend of Ellen’s. While talking with her therapist, Ellen talked about times…

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