Are Picture Messages Effective?

My Life as a Naturist

I was told by a friend that my picture messages won’t work. Now, he is not trying to be negative but he was just giving me honest feedback. He says if conservative people stumble upon my pictures with messages which I have designed to drum in the rational idea that nudity is natural and decent, they will only laugh at me and circulate the pics to “humiliate” me. Well, circulating the pics is fine or how is my intended impact going to be made if my pics with their messages don’t get circulated? But humiliate me? Why would a photograph of me humiliate me? I know I’m not a model. Far from it. But I don’t find my images humiliating. Even if I had a growth right at the centre of my face and my entire eyes, nose and mouth are hidden by the growth I don’t know if there…

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