Constant Nudity.No matter how we look at it or think about it,…

Nudie News

Constant Nudity.

No matter how we look at it or think about it, nudity won’t go away. It can’t because it’s a constant part of our lives. When we leave it out, things don’t add up.

When we put nudity back in, we find more things balancing that didn’t before. Most apparently we see a shift for the better in ourselves and how we interact with others and in nature.

Nudity brings back a sense of oneness. We see ourselves more positively. We feel more at ease with who we are and are able to take back control of our self-image.

The stresses we felt before about how to dress and present ourselves becomes less of a priority. We are less likely to judge others by how they look and are less likely to be judged ourselves.  This allows us to focus on strengthening our relations with friends and social…

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