Nude Beaches in the Maritimes: Part 2 (New Brunswick)

Naturist Fab

It’s been awhile since my last Blog regarding Clothing Optional Beaches here in the Martime’s so for this segment, I want to bring the Province of New Brunswick to light.

New Brunswick is one of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces and is constitutionallybilingual (English–French). It was created as a result of the partitioning of the British Colony of Nova Scotia in 1784. Fredericton is the capital and Saint John is the most populous city. In the 2011 nationwide census, Statistics Canada estimated the provincial population to have been 751,171. The majority of the population is English-speaking, but there is also a large Francophone minority (33%), chiefly of Acadian origin.

One of the most popular beaches in New Brunswick is Bouctouche Beach. This 8 mile long beach is one of the most popular beaches in the area. The 20 minute walk past the 1.9 km (1.1 mi) boardwalk you will…

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