I Hold Myself in the Greatest Esteem

Just Bare With Us

Today, I bought the first two piece bathing suit I’ve owned since… before puberty.

I realized as I tried it on, and stared at myself in the mirror, that I’m more comfortable being naked than I am with having my “private” spots being covered up completely. I realized that my body image issues aren’t truly gone, and that they may never be. I realized that God, I look nothing like an attractive, confident woman, wife and mother.

I bought the fucking bathing suit.


From my previous posts, you’ll understand that I believe that self acceptance and body acceptance are the keys to happiness in life and, that you should always, and I mean always, be comfortable being whoever you are.

I hated the way I looked in that suit, because damn if it doesn’t highlight every imperfection I have. But more than anything, I hated the way that stupid bikini made me hate myself. It made…

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