“Naked Hiking”, a wonderful book on the awesomeness of hiking naked

Naked and Happy

When I first thought of hiking naked some years ago, I thought I was alone on the planet. Then I gradually discovered many other people who were hiking naked. A new world unfold in front of my eyes, I was not alone!

The book “Naked Hiking” from Richard Foley, webmaster of the www.naktiv.net site, is a symphony to naked hiking written by many different authors, sharing their wonderful experience of hiking naked in various locations on the planet, including an exclusive testimony from Steven Gough, the naked rambler, from his prison cell.

Naked Hiking is a collection of 23 texts, curated by Richard and focusing on one topic: hiking in your birthday suit. The topic is not covered from a theoretical angle, but through real life examples. All authors are either seasoned naked hikers or new to the activity, and all share their experience of hiking naked on…

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