Identifiable Naked Hearts

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Recently I have come across some discussions in the clothes free community about whether to post identifiable full frontal pictures of self on the internet. Some say it is necessary to do so, that blurry or unidentifiable self-portrayal does a disservice to the cause. Some believe it is perfectly fine, perhaps necessary, to shield their identity, because repercussions could be catastrophic. Personally, I don’t feel it my place to say what is a “must” for others. The discussions, however, moved to reflect and share what has resonated with me in my own short journey to date.

Photo 14-04-2015 21 58 42

I am a young woman 8 months into her clothes free life. My first encounter with clothes free activities was a naked yoga challenge offered on Instagram. One of the co-leaders of the challenge at the time is a clothes free lifer, more than a decade into the lifestyle. From his images, I could tell…

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