Naked gardening

Naked Diaries

I bet little beats the feeling of tilling the earth (with respect to the concept of no-till gardening) naked. Ever since my wife and I started our garden, spring has been for me the best time of year to get my base tan, without wasting my time just frying in the Sun, or my money on tanning salons.

Of course, there’s a little drawback to getting my base tan purely from gardening, as that way I mostly only tan my shoulders, the back of my neck, my back, arms, and a portion of my legs. This leaves me with the most problematic area in terms of tanning – my torso – looking like cheese. But, I suppose, tanning half my body on the deck chair is faster and more comfortable than tanning my whole body on a beach towel.

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3 responses to “Naked gardening

  1. We garden/work nude in our semi private back yard. We have been seen several times by the neighbors, however since they know we are nudist they have never said a word. We also have gotten a few stares from unexpected passing motorist with out incident.

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