Tech Advice – Nudity and Public Storage…

Geekery and Nudity

No, I am not posting pictures of people getting naked at Public Storage, but I am talking about your nudes and public storage websites.  I.e., the website services that offer to host your digital files.  Often included with companies such as Apple (iCloud), Microsoft (One Drive), Google (Google Drive), etc…  My concern, or my worry is that we the public are not aware that just because we password protect our log-ins, these companies have full rights and privileges to look at our files without so much as a given the user notice.

It is that aspect that bothers me.  It would seem that everyone out there is against storing nude images, or sexualized images.  To some extent, I do understand.  There are legal aspects to it and many companies just do not want anything to do with so they make a blanket all encompassing statement “You will not upload, post…

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