Day 16 Just Be Clothes Free Yoga Challenge: YOURSELF

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Day 16 Just Be Clothes Free Yoga Challenge

cfl day 16 yourself hnh

Just Be Yourself

I express myself today in an easy Supine Twist.

I usually encounter this pose toward the end of yoga sequences I follow. After a yoga practice journey of allowing things to come up, feeling them and letting go, this posture is an amazing moment for me always. I feel empty, like I have nothing left to fight or hide. I breathe, soften my eyes and am completely myself: open, vulnerable, still. I feel powerfully, quietly simply at peace.

My clothes free journey (especially clothes free yoga), has opened me up to this kind of way of being…being still, open, and powerful in my vulnerability… at peace. There are many moments and conversations where, in the past, I would have blown up and run away. Now, I am learning to just be, breathe in the moment, and be myself. It has opened me to…

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