Naturism, disability and body confidence.

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20131124-150838.jpgThis is a subject very close to my heart and with so many stories lately in the media of people coping with body confidence issues, I wanted to write my story of coping with an illness which has left me with some physical deformity but thanks to Naturism has given me the confidence to love and be proud of my body.

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (a reactive Arthritic disease) which causes inflammation of the joints, pain and stiffness and can lead to total fusion and lack of mobility. I have suffered with AS for well over 20 years now and it has been a roller-coaster of conflicting emotions, sadness, depression, love, fear and hope. All through my illness I have continued to keep my naturist passion and following the naturist ideals of body freedom, love, nature, respecting the body and those of others. My AS has left me…

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