Widower plans to set up a nudist colony in his garden


WE all want friends that we can bare all to. But for one man in Southmoor, he’s looking for that in a more literal sense. Avid naturist John Weston, 72, is hoping that in 2015, he can some forge firm friendships with fellow enthusiasts. He had been part of a naturist society but stopped going following the death of his wife Margaret. However, after watching the Channel Four documentary The Naked Village last month, he has been inspired to get back out there and make an appeal for fellow nudists to socialise with.

Mr Weston, who has difficulties in walking due to thrombosis, wants to establish a small community of dedicated nudists to come around his house in Southmoor, and enjoy being naked together. Mr Weston said: “It would be great to have people to be naked with and chat to.

“We could go in the garden now I’ve got the gazebo.

“All people have in the back of their heads is it’s about sex, it’s not.

“Being naked for me is like heaven and it’s not sexual.”

When asked why he enjoys baring all, Mr Weston said: “I can’t describe it really, but I feel liberated.”

He added: “It’s who I want to be.“I really do think naturism has given me a good outlook.

“I’m up-front with people and if they accept it, that’s fine.”

Jim Sinclair, chairman of Oxford naturist society Oxnat, said Mr Weston was part of the organisation for many years, but stopped going after the death of his wife Margaret.

Mrs Weston died in 2011 of lung cancer, aged 69.

Mr Weston, a former Thames Water technician, said: “My wife was all for it [naturism].

“She never went nude herself, but had no problems with it.

“When she died I went into a downward spiral during that time.”

In 1997, Mr Weston was supposed to appear in the buff on chat show Central Weekend to talk about naturism, but, at the last minute, producers decided against letting him appear naked on the programme. Mr Weston has been an avid naturist for 36 years, but has not been able to find any enthusiasts to join him in his naked pursuit.

The father-of-five has often found himself stigmatised by friends and family.

He said: “A member of the family said she couldn’t see me any more because she was embarrassed – ashamed of me.”

Mr Weston said that for some people, going nude can be quite daunting, but they should not feel pressure to go completely naked immediately.

If you are interested in joining Mr Weston, please email alex.regan@ oxfordmail.co.uk

Found at “Oxford Times

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