Clearing up some skepticism about nudists: Hygiene

Clothing Optional

I know a lot of people are uncomfortable about being around nudists because a lot of them fear that they’ll stink or leave yucky stains behind after sitting down somewhere. Well hey, if you’re a fairly new nudist or you’re a non-nudist who must interact with other nudists, let’s clear up some skepticism.

Maintaining proper hygiene for a true nudist is really not that much different than a person who wears clothing and their methods of hygiene. We nudists shower and wash our hands. After using the bathroom, we nudists use toilet paper (and wipes when needed), and of course wash our hands.

And when you go to a nudist resort (or go out naked in public, if you can), I would suggest to carry around a towel with you. This gives non-nudists a piece of mind knowing that you are not a filthy pervert. Plus try not to pass…

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