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As an American cultural minority community naturists must identify, address, discuss, and reconcile any overt or de-facto policy mandates at the national level which affect us locally. We must initiate/continue the discussion with the U.S. National Park Service and the U.S. Department of the Interior to recognize that naturism is a cultural minority practice traditionally enjoyed in natural settings such as national parks, beaches, lakes, streams, forests, hiking trails, and other secluded, sparsely populated public reserve lands.

Many Native African and Native American peoples, as well as indigenous peoples throughout the world historically lived harmonious, mostly naturist lifestyles in such settings, before foreign cultural invasions. Prominent American naturists include historical individuals such as Benjamin Franklin, John Quincy Adams, Lyndon Johnson, and many others past and present (see Famous Naturists below). The practice of naturism harms no one, and the fact that it may offend today’s widely held prejudices and majority…

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