Why must you be a nudist?

Well said !!!

My Life as a Naturist

I don’t know about the other naturists but I get asked this question a lot. You see, I live in a highly conservative country where Confucian principles are followed implicitly. Before I discovered that there were other naturists online, I knew of absolutely nobody who was a naturist. But I don’t live my life according to the tastes of the majority.

A few of my friends who really have my interest at heart have appealed to my “good sense”. Why must I be a nudist? When such a question is asked, I’m usually lost for words. Let me explain.

I don’t have to be a nudist; there’s no compulsion. I don’t even have to call myself a nudist or a naturist or go by any label at all. When you ask me why I have to be a nudist, you are essentially asking me why I can’t look upon my genitals…

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