The Different Types of Naturists.

My Life as a Naturist


A naturist or a nudist is a person who looks upon nudity as natural, wholesome and perfectly acceptable. He sees the importance for each one of us to accept our own bodies. We accept ourselves, pimples, warts, blemishes and all. We do not hide behind a facade. If I have a scar from a surgery, I’m not ashamed of it because that’s a part of my life history. That’s what makes me me. Most non-naturists don’t understand self-acceptance and I’ve heard many of them say that they would only be naturists if they have built up their bodies and they look good naked. These are not naturists! Only a porn star will show off his or her body because it looks good.

It’s very hard to explain naturism to people because most of them continue to have this “porn” mentality. The trouble with them is they…

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