Why I am a naturist Part 2

My Life as a Naturist

A naturist or a nudist is one who loves and respects the human body and does not accept the ridiculous notion that there are some parts of our body that are evil or obscene or indecent or in any way unacceptable to be seen by polite society. That’s how I see it so is it possible for a naturist to be ashamed of his or her nudity?

But the fact is a lot of us who claim to be naturists are ashamed of our naked bodies even if we don’t admit that to ourselves. Have you ever wondered why the camera is banned in some nudist resorts? Has it occurred to you why many nudists come up with a million reasons why they are not willing to post photos of themselves naked online or if they do, they have to either conceal their genitals or their identities? Have you seen…

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