Skinny dipping

Well said once more. I totally agree with you. Firstly about skinny dipping (i need “translation” too the first time i heard the term) and about the sexism that is created by dividing men and women to everything (from changing rooms to all aspects of life)

Naked Diaries

When I first heard the term “skinny dipping” I had no clue what it was. In fact, I hadn’t known that this was a term at all – I thought “skinny” meant “thin” and I couldn’t make any sense of what was being said.

When I saw that it was consistently being used together, I looked it up and I was quite surprised. There is no equivalent term in my language – we simply call it “swimming naked”. Yes, “swimming”. And it makes more sense because when we go in the water naked, we usually go for a swim and not just to “dip”.

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