Naked kids camp

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Yesterday morning, two of Denver’s morning DJs on Alice 105.9 were all in a lather over a story about a nudist summer camp for kids. “Oh my god! Surely those camp counselors, who are also naked, are doing more than counseling! That’s just wrong!” They exclaimed (thus the exclamation marks). According to the DJs, the camp had existed for over a decade, and the “authorities” were just now finding out about it. People were getting “in trouble” for it. I searched for the story and couldn’t corroborate that it even exists. Regardless of whether the story is real or not, it got me going.

Once again, stupid people equate being naked with having sex. Maybe that’s the only time they are naked. Maybe if they saw a naked 11 year old they’d think it was sexy.

Let me be honest here. I like being naked. When no one is around…

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