” Naturism in Russia “

The Naked Truth.........

wpid-4886.jpgNews coming out of Russia shows that nudist there are getting a raw deal,just like those in other parts of the world. St Petersburg’s oldest nude beach is under threat of closure as local authorities aim to turn the area into a “family-friendly” resort.The Dunes, located in Sestroretsk, around 18 miles northwest of the city on the Gulf of Finland, has long been a favourite haunt for nudists.
However, a spokesman for the local district authorities told the Moscow Times on Tuesday that plans were under way to rebrand the beach for regular use. “We are doing everything possible to survey the area and register it as one of the city’s official city beaches,” the spokesman told the Interfax news agency. “It will become a well-equipped, secure spot. There will be no nudists. There are certain rules that have to be followed in popular public places.”
The spokesman assured nudist…

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