Using nudity to make a statement

Naturist Philosopher

It is entirely legitimate to use images of nudity to make a statement about how people relate to their social environment. It’s especially appropriate if the statement involves personal identity or social stereotypes. So we have this:

Nude Portraits Explore Both Self-Identity and Stereotypes


The image came to Brooklyn-based photographer Lauren Renner during a nap. Her project In Others’ Words features Renner’s three-paneled images of nude individuals shot with a 4×5 view camera, their bodies covered in words others have used to describe them. Total strangers write these words on each other’s naked bodies, making In Others’ Words an exercise in understanding vulnerability, knowing oneself, and transcending the labels our culture is so quick to provide.

What words come to your mind when you see a stranger’s naked body? What words do you think come to a stranger’s mind when seeing you naked? Do you have the self-confidence to handle…

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