Comment on barefootnudist’s post: What you can say to people who have a wrong view on nudism.

Naked Diaries

Barefootnudist wrote a short list of things you can say to people who have a wrong view on nudism. While I agree with the list, I think just saying these things and leave them hanging in the air won’t convince someone who has a wrong view on nudism to change that view. For this reason, here is the answer to the “why” to all items on barefootnudist’s list.

Nudism is no disease!

Well, unless having a body is a disease in itself, this is true. Nudism is the practice, advocacy and defense of social nudity. It only exists as a separate issue because nudity has been systematically criminalized, it would seem, ever since the Bible was written. Even later, aspects of public nudity were not commonly deemed as shameful, at least not until they were banned.

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