6 Practical Ways To Promote Naturism

What Can Naturists Do To Make Society More Accepting of Naturism?


Recently one of our YNA facebook group members posted a statement about the need for us naturists to get more aggressive in promoting our lifestyle. One of the main points was that we can never fully realize a normal life of nudie fun while we are constantly looked down upon by greater society, and in some cases outright persecution by the law. The question discussed in the post, which is also discussed widely in the greater naturist community is, what can we actually do to make society more accepting of our naturist lifestyle? In attempting to answer this question I noticed that one of the main problems is that such dialog can quickly become highly theoretical, esoteric and far too idealistic.

When one deeply ponders all of society’s hang-ups with nudity, it seems almost hopeless that we can make any significant change. But you know what?? I really don’t believe that! It really isn’t hopeless. I don’t want us naturists and nudies to over-think this thing to the point of ‘analysis paralysis!’ We can intellectualize any problem to the point of throwing our hands in the air and giving up. So, even though dialog is sometimes helpful, real change doesn’t come by talk alone. It comes by taking action. When we actually engage the public with nudity in wholesome activities, people’s perceptions change – what’s more, it’s only when “their” perceptions change that we will be able to ultimately see changes in laws. So without any further intellectualization of this problem I would like to address some real practical things you can DO to change people’s perceptions. Here goes:

1) Come out of the closet.

2) Host a nude dinner for someone you are close to and trust.

3) Go skinny dipping often at locations where there is a history of nudity being tolerated.

4)  If you live in a state or city where nudity to any extent (topfree, or total) is legal then by all means, organize a group outing of nudies to a park or beach that is typically textile.

5)  Invite a textile friend to one of YNA’s many nudie events, or to go with you to your favorite nudist resort.

6) Organize a body painting party – invite nudie friends to model, and perhaps textile friends to paint or help out.

By Young Naturists & Nudists America. For more details and analysis on each way to promote naturism read YNA article at http://youngnaturistsamerica.com/6-ways-to-promote-naturism/

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