Naturist Beaches in Greek Mainland (Part 10)

Orange Beach, Halkidiki

In our last post, we looked at some of the naturist beaches in Greek mainland; tackling the mainland areas of Attica, Evia and Peloponnese. As already established, Greece can be intimidating when selecting a nudist beach for an awesome sun-soaking holiday. Rather than being a weakness, this wide array of nudist beaches ensures one settles for a holiday destination that best suits one’s needs. On that foundation, we continue to give you an incisive look at the naturist beaches in the rest of Greek mainland. These are the areas of Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly.
The Halkidiki area in the northern part of Macedonia is a great holiday destination in the Greek mainland. Sithonia is the ideal nudist vacation spot with several naturism friendly beaches. One of its nudist beaches is the Kalamitsi beach on the southern tip of Sithonia. The weather here is pleasant and the water is warm too. Though there are other textile spots on this beach, Kalamitsi has well marked out nudist spots. The area is easily accessible by car although one has to walk a short while before hitting the beach. Close to the beach are five star establishments such as villas and restaurants which indulge guests on Greek culture. To the east of Sithonia in Kavourotripes there are small sandy territories that offer a captivating view of Mount Athos. The place is quiet and suitable for nude swimming, walks and sunbathing. The most popular nudist area here is Orange Beach with enough amenities for a great day at the beach. Kriaritsi has two secluded nudist bays also facing Mt. Athos. Camping on this powdery-sand beach is a thriving activity and free for all visitors.
Kanali beach
The Western side of Greek mainland, Epirus, is also naturist friendly. With a 70 km stretch of the coastline, there’s plenty of space to bare it all. Just near Preveza lies the Kanali beach which is almost never crowded. This area is perfect for naked daytime and evening strolls, sun-bathing and nude swimming. Artolitha is another nudist region famous for its generosity of space. This sheltered cove is on the way to Parga with camping and snorkeling facilities for its tourists. Lichnos beach close to 2 km from Parga is a non-polluted beach generally sandy but with a secluded pebbly side mostly frequented by nudists. Most people here spend their time nude swimming or and sunbathing. Another nudist beach with excellent nude swimming water is located near Syvota. It is quiet and has a camping area nearby. Sarakiniko in Epirus also proposes a possibility of nudism, although it is sometimes 100% textile.
Pilion in Thessaly is the main apple growing area in Greece. It is here that one finds a nudist beach to the south of Koropi. This beach is however popular with gay couples. Another is in the northern region of Melani at a beach which is almost purely nude. Apart from nude swimming and sun bathing at this beach, other activities such as camping are common here. The beach is full of shingles with crystal clear waters. Potistika beach is situated close to the one at Melani but is rumoured to contain more textile than nudists. These beautiful beaches are crowded over the weekend but the breeze here makes one forget how crowded the place is. Even in the crowd, one is sure to spot nudists in secluded spots.
Greek mainland is just as enthusiastic for naturism as are the islands. There is good variety, ample space, a lot of activity, great weather and clear water for the perfect nudist vacation. Whether it is secluded, action-packed, historical, green or simply offbeat, mainland has it all; with international cuisines, five star accommodation and fine attractions within their proximity. Naturists all over the world regard Greece as the mother of naturism and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.
Lichnos Beach Parga
Now that we’ve exhausted Greek mainland, it is safe to say that we have covered most if not all naturist beaches in Greece. In the next part of this series, we look at all the naturist beaches we have explored so far. In one post we highlight the best of naturism in a summary that enables one to get the bigger picture of what Greece has to offer in terms of naturism.

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