Naturist Beaches in Greek Mainland (Part 9)

After concluding the exploration of naturist beaches in Greek islands in part 8 of our series, naturist beaches in Cyprus, we proceed to Greek mainland. Greece is a relatively vast area and to ensure we examine all of mainland comprehensively, we shall look at naturist beaches in one half of Greece in this post and the other half in our next post. Part 9 indulges naturists with the best of naturism in Peloponnese, Attica, Evia and Central Greece as part 10 takes care of the rest of Greek mainland.

voidokilia_bay-beach-greece (2)
Peloponnese is famous for traditional villages, varied terrain and most of all its lovely beaches. The beaches in Peloponnese are long with sandy shores and crystal clear waters. There are naturism friendly beaches too and Voidokilia beach in Messinia is one of them. Unconfirmed reports say that apart from ordinary nudist people, the beach is popular with gays. Located in the Mediterranean area, the distinct shape of this island stands out very clearly. The beach takes the shape of the Greek letter omega and is referred to as “A Place of Particular Natural Beauty”. This beach has an archaeological feel to it as it carries some part of Greek history. Myth has it that Nestor’s Cave found at the beach housed cattle herds stolen by Hermes from Apollo. Apart from history, hiking is also a great pass time activity found here. The area around this beach is an official habitat for birds, therefore bird watching is common.
bathi githiou
Kodili beach, outside Port Vivari has a nudist section. The beach is full of pebbles but the space is big enough for everyone. Hiking is an alternative activity as the beach is situated past a rocky and mountainous area. Vathi Gythiou is another naturist beach to the south western part of Mavrovouni beach. The beach is relatively hard to access but is famous for free camping and naturism.
chiliadou-beach evia
Evia also accommodates naturists with beautiful beaches to match. Hiliadou beach is considered one of the best go-without-clothes beaches in Greece. It sits west of Kimi and is a fab tourist destination when it’s not high season or weekend. While on holiday, one can stay at the Skiathos Naturist spot located a few miles from the beach. Another naturist beach is the quiet beach of Potami in the southwestern region of Evia. Other areas in Evia suitable for naturism are the pebble beach near the Rovies campsite (here, the “first come” rule applies), the southern part of the beach found in Vasilika and south of the beach at Aggia Anna. Evidently one can enjoy a great naturism holiday while at Evia.
In Athens or Attica as it is fondly referred to, there’s much to celebrate about naturism. We start with the Limanakia, which are three coves stretching less than a kilometer and facing south. The area is accessible by private means or by bus from Athens. The space here is generous and it is the middle cove that has a greater sense of naturism.
View of the site of Rhamnous with Euboea in the background
Ramnous is an archaeological site that has nudist beaches nearby. These beaches have free entry though due to archaeological value, the surrounding area is heavily fenced. Once in a while one may spot textiles, but not to worry as there is enough space to go round. The journey to Ramnous is challenging but it is worth all the trouble as the beaches are quiet and very relaxing.
Marikes Beach
Dicastika situated along Schinias Road is another haven for naturism. The beach is pebbly and one needs shoes to access the best naturist sections. The water is deep and clean making diving very common in the area. One can jump from heights of just under a meter to twelve meters. Other secluded naturist spots include Vravrona, Legrena, Marikes and Schinias.
Rovies Camping Evia Greece
Mainland beaches have a variety of naturist spots. The space at these naturist places is the common factor and their greatest selling point. Peace and calm comes in abundance at these beaches and therefore naturism thrives here. Greek beaches are among the best in the world and it will only take seeing to believe.
The next series takes a look at the remaining part of Greek mainland. We explore the naturist beaches as we always do and highlight the best of each region.

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