Naturist Beaches in North-East Aegean Islands (Part 5)

Exploring naturist beaches in Greece is an exciting adventure that never seems to end. This is obvious from the previous posts in our series naturist beaches in Greece. After reconnoitering Cyclades beaches, this next part now looks at the picturesque islands North-East of the Aegean Sea. There are seven of these mountainous yet forested islands: Samos, Limnos, Thasos, Chios, Samothraki, Lesvos and Ikaria. These islands are sparsely populated and the tourists fairly few. This is part of the allure of these extensive North-East Aegean islands besides the beaches. There are beaches suited to each individual’s taste: family beaches, windsurfers’ beaches, organized beaches and to the theme of this series nudist beaches.

North-East Aegean Islands
Perhaps the most famous beach of the North-East Aegean Islands is the Tsamadou beach in the island of Samos. Adjacent to crystal blue waters, Tsamadou beach is located close to Kokkari village. Getting to Samos is via chartered flights as the island has an airport. From the airport one can drive a rental car to the beach and any other part of the island. 
Naturist Beaches in North-East Aegean Islands
Its waters are sometimes described as the blue green sea and the rest of the beach well furnished with lounge chairs, outdoor showers and umbrellas, which are also well-maintained by the ever-friendly staff. The beach is purely nudist to the delight of naturist beaches followers. Apart from sunbathing for a full body tan, the beach offers much more to its visitors. Snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving are the most popular activities around. The water is a little bit cold here but once inside, swimming is a fun way to spend your time at the beach. Swimmers also need to watch out for the strong waves emerging from deep sea. One is further advised to carry beach shoes for the rocky ground in this area. 
Naturist Beaches in North-East Aegean Islands
The Faneromeni Beach in Lesvos is another partially naturist beach. This long stretching beach is filled with white powdery sand and a fantastic spot for serenity lovers. The beach sits north of Sigri and with the airport in the island, a chartered flight and a rental car can be used to access the island. The cave-church, Turkish Fortress and the strikingly beautiful island facing the coast are great attraction at this beach. They break the monotony of basking in the sun. The Nas beach in Ikaria has a naturist side to it, this naturist-ness, however, is unofficial. It is very quiet and peaceful; sometimes the only noise one hears is that of the sea waves hitting against the rocks. Ikaria Island is very rocky with a rugged terrain; but offers excellent accommodation facilities for the most comfortable stay. Even though there is a chartered flight, the rest of the journey to the island is by ferry to the beach. 

To nude beach !The other islands though abundantly endowed with beaches are either full of non-naturist beaches or are difficult to access. But not to worry, naturist beach followers have more to sample in the next part of this series which delves into the naturist beaches of Saronic and Sporades for insight into the nudist beach culture in Greece.

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