Naturist Beaches in Cyclades (Part 4)

Naturist Beach Cyclades If you thought that Astipalea, Tilos and Rhodes in Dodecanese in our previous series were a wrap when it comes to the best of Greece’s naturist beaches, then you thought wrong. We now explore Cyclades, a cluster of islands with numerous tranquil beaches for all to enjoy. Naturist beaches in this part of Greece are well secluded and organized with white sands and crystalline stones to the amazement of its tourists. The best beaches in Cyclades promise absolute relaxation even in the populous areas. In the category of naturist beaches, Naxos Island has the most beautiful yet peaceful nudist beaches. There’s the Plaka Beach, a naturist beach characterized by sky blue sea waters with little or no waves at all. The beach terrain mainly comprises sand with a few scattered rocks. Other fantastic features of this beach include its lengthiness and the choice to be nude or otherwise. Camping, jogging, swimming and of course sunbathing are some of the many activities people can be seen partaking of. People are generally care-free and do not seem to meddle in another’s affairs as long as one adheres to the nudist section of the beach and when out of season. One can choose to drive to Plaka via Aghia Anna (once a naturist beach) or just use public transport, that is, buses labeled Plaka from Naxos town. Cyclades In the town of Paros, you will find the Psaraliki beach, divided into two. Main Beach 1 is for the general clothed public with fun and activity for the children and adults alike wheres Main Beach 2 is the naturist side of the beach. With trees quite close to the shoreline, one can find shade on those days when the sun is just unbearable. Here, too, one chooses how much they are willing to cover without offending anyone. There’s lots of entertainment from the Time Marine Beach Club as well as a food vending outlet nearby. Besides partying and dining, one can join in several other activities at the beach for that unforgettable tan. The Aliko beach is another serene naturist beach south of Mirka Vigla. This beach is famous for its white sands, blue waters and snorkeling. The traffic here is minimal, approximately less than 50 people on a high traffic day. The people at the beach are almost totally nude when the weather is good. It is probably the best option for a first time experience at a naturist beach. Easy access to the beach compensates for the fact that one has to carry their own supplies especially water and an umbrella since social amenities are located on the far end of the beach stretch. The people here are mostly citizens of Italy and France but there also Greek people. Naturist Beach Cyclades There are many more beaches in Cyclades with naturists’ interests taking center stage. Naturist beaches are popular among the locals and tourists from Italy and other European countries. The story doesn’t end there as we proceed to explore many more naturist beaches in North-East Aegean Islands both perfect for the avid naturist.

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