Naturist Beaches in Dodecanese (part 3)

Naturist beach Dodekanese

Finally after a while digging around for the best places to get a full body tan literally, we’re back with a continuation of the third part of the best naturist spots in Greece. Considering that you may not want to spend all your life recycling the beaches we covered in Crete, there is now an entirely new collection that you can feast on without any clothes on. These are the twelve islands that not only you but other nudists can go and enjoy. To simply put it of all the inventions that the Greeks have come up with over the years, nudism is easily the best and now Dodecanese offers and extra 12 places that you can enjoy this.


Among the beaches that feature prominently on the island of Astipalea include the Tzanaki Beach and a bunch of others that are a safe haven for most travelers who happen to be retirees or just regular people trying to get away from the stresses of life. You may want to hire a 4WD vehicle when coming here but the best part is that you can go nude on almost any beach on this island during the offseason but not at the town beaches. For snorkeling and a place that you would like to lie down and get a tan, then Halki Island has a handful of beaches that you could go to for the best clothes free sunbathing.

Other islands that maybe up for some nudist activities include Tilos that has been known to be a great spot for some sunning and swimming. The best part is that stripping here is happily tolerated and as such could be a great naturist hotspot. Even though a little rocky Leros could be another ideal island to go all natural. This however might largely depend on what you’re looking for but all in all it’s a good place to be and it is also a bit secluded. For the case of Kalymnos and Telendos they have a confusing aura about nudism just as is their history. However, some of the beaches on the island of Telendos have been picking up overtime and one can find several tanning beds in the smaller stony beaches being used by the tourists. Instead of these two, one may opt to go for the more tolerant Karpathos. Keep in mind that if you opt for the latter island, you should not drive past the “Lakki Beach Hotel” as then driving back is a total nightmare. Among the most naturist tolerant beaches here is the Amopi and you might want to check it out.

Kos Tropical Beach

Rhodes is another island that has some good chances of harboring some unclothed activities but it is not proven whether the same can be practiced comfortably. Instead, Nissiros would be a more promising place to go skinny dipping. Even though smaller, compared to other islands like Lipso, Palmos and Kos that have an almost zero tolerance for nudism and are highly textile, it is a better place to be. One of the islands that may hold some hope and potential is Symi. At least in most of the beaches in this island, discreet nudism is possible. Well it is safe to say that this part is not as promising as we would have thought but again it is worth waiting to see what will come up when we start digging up about the naturist beaches that one can go to in Cyclades which will form the fourth piece. Let’s hope that will have more hope for the sake of all the naturists and for the sake of nudism.

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  2. Rhodos has a good naturist beach in Faliraki.
    Just 15 minute walk from town center you will find Mandomata beach


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