Naturist resorts in Europe

For those who are open to the idea of naturism, Europe offers two popular places to enjoy a vacation in a naturist resort: Vritomartis, in Crete, Greece and Cap d’Agde, in France.

A naturist holiday in Vritomartis, Crete, offers you an exciting combination of freedom and closeness to the nature on this beautiful island. Crete stands out due to the diversity of the natural habitat and its magnificent landscape. The clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the picturesque remote villages add to the charm of this Greek island. Crete is one of the favorite places of those who embrace naturism, coming from all over the world to enjoy the amazing beaches and the freedom to act within the spirit of naturism.

Naturist holidays in Vritomartis allow you to explore some of the most beautiful beaches on the Crete Island, including the southern beaches of the Libyan Sea, famous for the blue sapphire waters and the hot white sand.

What makes Crete such a popular destination for naturists it that the locals respect the needs and desires of those who like naturist holidays, without intruding in their lives. There are well defined beaches where you can spend your holidays nude and free, without worrying about intruders. At Hotel Vritomartis, in South Crete, you will have the chance to sunbathe nude all day long, feeling an absolute liberation from all social limitations, enjoying the warm and welcoming Cretan sun. The comfortable and laid back environment was specifically created for people who enjoy the naturist lifestyle. Bathing nude in the clear waters and enjoying sunbathing free of sun marks can be a rejuvenating and liberating experience.


The Hotel Vritomartis was named after the Minoan mermaid called the “Sweet Maiden”. The hotel is located in a beautiful secluded area on the south coast of Crete. The place can be easily reached by car. The only official nude beach on Crete is the Filaki Beach, near the Vritomartis hotel. The beach is adjacent to the Vritomartis Hotel but can be visited even if you are not a guest of the hotel. Hotel Vritomartis offers full-service and features 85 rooms. In addition to the naturist sunbathing and swimming the hotel offers a wide variety of activities such as an outdoor 25 m pool, pool bar, private naturist beach, taverna, beach bar, playground, children’s pool, sunbeds and parasols, mini market, mini golf, tennis court, table tennis, shuffleboard, volleyball court, giant chess, darts, billiards, and archery.

Another great and popular naturist resort in Europe is Cap d’Agde, in France. Here you can enjoy absolute freedom, can dine nude, bank nude, buy baguettes at the brasserie nude, shop nude, or sunbath on a beautiful Mediterranean beach naked. Cap d’Agde, in France, is considered the capital of nudism in the world. Naturist lifestyle is very popular in France and the country is well known for its relaxed attitude about nudism. The coastal town of Cap d’Agde features not only a naturist lifestyle resort with a three mile beach, but also has its own banks, doctors, dining, and shopping just for the adepts of the naturist lifestyle.

Cap d’Agde, located in the Languegoc region, is in close vicinity of many other wonderful tourist destinations such as the port city of Sete that offers one of the world’s best seafood, the cities of Arles, Montpellier and Nimes, and Carcassonne medieval fortified city.

I have been to Vritomartis twice and it was an excellent experience. I hope i can afford to visit Cap d’Agde any time soon.

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