Dare to Bare! with or without clothes

So what are you doing for your holiday this year? A Gites in France? A villa in Spain? Camping in Italy? An ‘all-inclusive’ in the Caribbean? Mmmm – OK but how about something different? A holiday that may seem a little ‘risqué’ and one that when suggested to most people causes them to throw up their hands in horror. A naturist holiday?!

Yes – a naturist holiday. One where people spend most of their day lazing in the sun and swimming without any clothes on. It is a serious suggestion so please don’t stop reading!!

To many people, the thought of being naked ‘in all their glory’ is their idea of hell on earth. “Everyone will be staring at me”; “I’m no longer young and beautiful”; “I’m fat!” are just some of the standard reactions one immediately gets with the suggestion of a naturist holiday. As you will imagine, men are worried that there will be ‘visual comparisons’ taking place about a certain part of their anatomy, and for women, that old question of “ Does my bum look big in this? simply becomes a question of “Does my bum look big” – and “How will my boobs compare”?

Well dear readers, please accept my word that your fears are completely and totally unfounded! Yes, I know that you will still have those fears – try telling a worrier not to worry! – but they really are completely without foundation. Anyone who goes on an ‘au naturel’ holiday goes for the sheer enjoyment of being free from the daily constraints of clothes, not to compare their bodies with other holiday makers. Have you ever swum naked in a swimming pool or the sea? If not, it is the most wonderful, enjoyable and liberating experience. And if you did it for a dare on some distant opportunity……… wouldn’t you like to do it again??!!

Sunbathing without clothes is simply wonderful and again, totally liberating. And at the end of your holiday do you know what ladies? No white marks anywhere and completely without the aid of a spray-tan booth! So much healthier.

Without clothes, everyone is equal. Nobody is trying to out-do anyone else by what clothes or watch or jewellery they wear. If you wish to remain “private”, you can do so, but part of the joy of any holiday is mixing with your fellow holidaymakers, and a holiday without clothes is no exception. Suddenly, you find yourself in conversation with someone from the UK, or Holland, or Germany, or anywhere! And the fact that you and they are not wearing clothes doesn’t even cross your mind!

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